Swaddlers And Sensitive Wipes: The Power Combo For Healthy Skin

Keeping your baby’s skin healthy can be a team effort. That’s why Pampers created a dynamic duo to help with all your diaper needs—Pampers® Swaddlers and Pampers® Sensitive™ Wipes. When compared to another diaper and wipe combination, these two powerhouse products are scientifically shown to work together to balance pH levels to provide ultimate comfort for your baby.

What Are Pampers Swaddlers?

Made with soft, breathable materials and a thin layer of gentle barrier ointment, Pampers® Swaddlers are diapers specifically designed to keep baby dry and to help maintain skin pH by quickly locking wetness and mess away from their skin.

What Are Sensitive Wipes?

Pampers® Sensitive™ Wipes are made of a soft, cottony material and contain a pH balancing lotion with 98% water and 0% parabens, perfume, and alcohol. Our wipes are designed to remove mess and dirt away from the skin quickly and gently, while helping restore the skin’s natural pH.

Why Does pH Matter?

pH is the measure of how acidic or basic something is on a scale of 0 to 14. For babies, healthy skin pH is slightly acidic (4.7-6). Your baby’s skin can become irritated and damaged when pH levels increase, which happens when their skin comes into contact with pee and poo. This is often leads to skin redness and even to diaper dermatitis.

Over the past several decades, multiple clinical studies have shown Pampers wipes to be mild, safe and effective cleaning products that can care for baby’s skin. The studies also showed that the use of Pampers wipes can restore and maintain skin’s natural pH level, and lead to less erythema, helping maintain the health of your baby’s skin. Recent scientific studies, comparing two unique diaper and wipe combinations, showed that the combined use of a Pampers emollient-containing diaper and Pampers wipe helped restore the skin’s natural pH while reducing residual enzymatic activity.

Swaddlers And Sensitive Wipes Work Together

To achieve the best results for your baby, follow this two-step process:

  • First, use Pampers® Sensitive™ Wipes on your baby to properly cleanse their skin and balance pH levels with a gentle, non-irritating lotion

  • After using the wipes, put your baby in Pampers® Swaddlers, an advanced diaper design unlike any other brand, to maintain this healthy pH balance

Together, Pampers® Swaddlers and Pampers® Sensitive™ Wipes make a powerful combo, each using their powers to ensure clean, soft, healthy skin for your baby. How We Wrote This Article The information in this article is based on the expert advice found in trusted medical and government sources, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, as well as Pampers’ own safety and product experts. When applicable, you can find a full list of sources used for this article below. The content on this page should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult medical professionals for full diagnosis and treatment.